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Overlooking the tropical garden and swimming pool of the Bamboo Beach Hotel Patong, guests can relax with one of the many treatments which our Asawana Spa has on offer. Our Asawana Spa is the place where you can enjoy more than twenty different spa treatments and massages. The Bamboo Beach Hotel Patong spa guarantees absolute beauty and relaxation in a complete sense of well being which lets stress of everyday life seep away. Step into the world of Asawana Spa at Bamboo Beach Hotel in Patong and let yourself be pampered by our team of trained spa therapists.

The Asawana Spa in Patong welcomes not only our hotel guests but also outside guests who are looking for a wonderful and unique spa experience in Patong. Check availability and rates.

White Mud Body Wrap (90 min)
Enriched with an abundance of the region’s most beneficial
herbs, white mud or ‘din sor pong’ provides a cleansing,
antiseptic action whilst energy allows the skin to promote toxin

Black Mud Body Wrap (90 min)
Deep skin care your body with Dead Sea black mud mask
returns vital minerals and transform your skin to a soft and silky

Aromatherapy Body Wrap (90 min)
Deep skin care with body mud mask return vital minerals and
transform your skin to a soft and silky touch.

Tropical Fruit Body Wrap (90 min)
Body masking with fruit is one of our wonders for deep cleansing, pampering and balancing the complexion.

Herbal Heart of Revival Wrap (90 min)
Revive your body skin with Thai herbs to detoxify the body using simple natural ingredients. These readily available ingredients have been used over the years traditionally for healing and for nourishing the skin.

Aloe Vera and Avocado Wrap (90 min)
The vital qualities of aloe vera and avocado will sooth your skin, healing an ultraviolet and harmed skin to rest its balance after sunburn.

Besides healthy eating and sleeping, your body skin still needs proper care.
Your complexion will be checked in order to select the most suitable body scrub for you. Healthy skin will add charm to your personality.

Our Asawana Spa offers you the following treatments:

  • Tamarind Body Scrub (90 min)
  • Amazing Thai Herb Scrub (90 Min)
  • Nourishing Coconut (90 min)
  • Sesame Body Scrub (90 min)
  • Coffee Scrub (90 min)
  • Mineral Salt (90 min)

Very popular is the healing of Thai herbals (Luk Pra Kob) preparing the most useful ingredient herbals making it heat than compress on the full body and includes Traditional Thai massage.

This is to allow heat and herbs can seep through to heal the swelling and infected parts of muscle tendon, and joint to ease muscle stiffness, help tissue and fascia expand, alleviate joint problem, will increase blood circulation and after the massage you will have a very good night sleep.

One of the best types of massage which you can enjoy at our Patong spa is the classic Thai Traditional Massage.

The Thai Traditional Massage helps the body's deep tissue using firm strokes and thumb pressure as well as stretching techniques.

By concentrating on the ten meridian lines of body, this treatment restores flexibility and energy flow and alleviates chronic pain in the muscles and joints.

Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to create a good balance in body and spirit so that you can unwind you from anxiety, fatigue and disturbance.

It will also help to promote deep sleeping, relaxation, clear mind and serenity. When applied, this technique of Asawana's massage will take care of skin complexion.

This type of massage is excellent for sport lovers.
Swedish massage will give you strength and relax your muscles.

It makes you more alert and stimulates your blood flow.

The massage has a technique which helps to reduce muscles ageing and tension

Unique design for men, this facial will cleanse, hydrate, moisturize and refresh your skin and is appropriate for all skin types

This special facial treatment removes the dead skin cell and masks your skin with our special cream collagen mask to restore brightness to your complexion.

This involves strong strokes and deep pressure situation for illness on your back, neck and shoulder.

Good for those who do many activities.

It's also good for anti stress and it makes you feel relaxed when combined with an aromatherapy oil massage.

Reflexology is a completely safe and non-invasive therapy which works by applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet.

Working on the reflex points stimulates the nerve endings and blood circulations, as well as it alleviates stress and tension in the body.
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